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Key Behaviors that Help Create a Great Client Experience: A countdown of 50 tips to keep a customer

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20. Smile. Your customer, your colleagues, and the person on the phone will have a positive association with your branch if they hear you smile. A good attitude is as contagious as a bad one.

19. Offer solutions, not just order-taking. When a customer needs help, really listen. Take care of their request, but think about better ways to serve them. Proactively offer those solutions, and they’ll start to trust your expertise.

18. Use the customer’s name. Nobody wants to feel like a number, and the use of their name reminds them that to your company they are Sue or Joe or Mark or Linda. They’re not number 24.

17. Hold yourself accountable for getting customer satisfaction numbers higher. If you measure, then you should use the information to help the customer and ultimately, raise your sales results.

16. Improve constantly. Understand that customer satisfaction is always reliant on the last interaction. Creating customer loyalty isn’t a one-time marketing effort; it must involve daily action.

15. Provide unsolicited help. If a customer mentions they’re going to an appointment but aren’t sure how to get there, offer directions or Mapquest™ the route for them. Extras are remembered.

14. Apologize. If a customer is upset, an apology is always appropriate. Let them know you’re sorry so you can move on to a solution.

13. Handle objections with an eye on solutions. Don’t perceive an objection as a personal attack; instead, look at it as an opportunity to impress the customer with your solution.

12. Enjoy your job. If your goal each day is to help your customers to the best of your ability, you’ll enjoy your job. If you enjoy your job, customers will enjoy coming into your place of business.

11. Understand benefit language. We often talk in features, giving the facts of a product. Talk in language that means something to your customer. If they’re busy, talk about “saving time.”

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Written by Jim S Miller

June 8, 2011 at 12:09 pm

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