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Key Behaviors that Help Create a Great Client Experience: A countdown of 50 tips to keep a customer

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30. Stay focused on the customer relationship. You can’t know the details of every product you offer, but you can know that customer better than your competitors. Uncover at least one new detail about your customer in every interaction.

29. Do everything you can to prevent wait time. Customers have busy lives, and they need to know you value their time. If there is a wait, let them know (honestly) how long it is and offer them water or coffee.

28. Dress professionally. The first impression is made in a matter of seconds. Most people don’t feel comfortable having someone in shorts managing their money. Let customers know you value them enough to dress nicely each day.

27. Ask yourself how a customer might answer: What could we have done to improve our service? Then do it.

26. Make pleasing customers a daily habit. Gauge your daily success based upon the number of happy customers you create, rather than the number of products you sell. You’ll find that the two are directly related.

25. Take notes. Unless you’re a teller, you should take notes any time a customer talks to you. Their problem or request needs to be noted, so that the next time they come in you can reference it and show your knowledge of their needs.

24. Use language the customer understands. Slipping into jargon means leaving the customer out of the conversational loop. They won’t ask you to explain what an NSF is, they will simply leave and go somewhere else.

23. Introduce yourself by name. While you should use the customer’s name, they should also know your name. That sets up a more intimate conversation that will create a longer term relationship.

22. Be friendly. There’s a difference between being polite and being friendly. Politeness can still be cold. Friendliness is couched in the warmth of a smile and a desire to truly help the customer.

21. Ask, ask, and ask again. Most salespeople aren’t curious enough about their customer’s needs. Determine three questions you want to ask of every customer, and then ask more.


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Written by Jim S Miller

May 4, 2011 at 11:57 am

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